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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 5, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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,,,,,,,,,,mexico shares
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memories you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. my dad was a boy scout and in vietnam. he made it back strong. >> keep up the vigil. keep up the search because they have not given up hope. >> the daughter of the only person confirmed dead after a boating accident in mexico shares memories of the man she calls her best friend.
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good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm allen martin. former chronicle employee, lesli ye is the first confirmed death in the capsizing of a fishing boat near baja. seven men are still missing. yee retired after nearly 37 years with the newspaper and the 65-year-old finally made time for the fishing trip. >> initially he didn't want to go, but a bunch of friends from high school, 12 to 17 of them, they all decided to go and usually go every year and they would constantly bug him about going and he never could find the time to do so, but finally now that he is retired from the chronicle and all this free time, he figured why not? he was my best friend. he actually successfully guided me, you know, into being a mature adult while maintaining a best friendship. >> one family member waiting for word calls it a slow moving nightmare. >> now these are four of the
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seven men who have not yet been found. these four are all close friends. sharon chin shows us relatives are not giving up hope tonight. >> 69-year-old gene leon's family says he's a survivor. his son didn't want to talk on camera, but shared why he and his family think he'll return alive. >> my dad was a boy scout and in vietnam. >> his father earned a purple heart in vietnam and retired after more than 30 years selling mother's cookies to grocery stores. he loves fishing and this was his first time on the baja trip. >> last minute, two spots opened up, me and him were supposed to go together. and i offered for him to go for father's day and he went with some friends of ours. >> for brian, the fishing trip was not his first.
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it's an annual family tradition for him and his three brothers. his brothers craig and gary pictured here and glenn survived when the boat capsized. family friend, dianne cho says the trio won't believe baja without brian. they have never left a brother behind in all their adventures. >> it's a special bonding time for them. they do other activities together, too. we know that the three of them, craig, gary, and glenn, are all doing their very best down there. >> brian is a month away from retiring from the alameda county human resources services department. his wife and their family are clinging to hope. >> brian could be on one of the islands. they could be in a daze so he can't find his way. so there's still hope that they can find him alive. >> and the families of the missing have this message for searchers. >> keep up the vigil. keep up the search because they
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have not given up hope. >> craig leon and several relatives will go up to san diego to bring home the cars of some of the survivors. they will also be available to help those who want to come home. many plan to stay until their missing buddies are found. >> the bond so strong. they aren't going to leave. >> very difficult time for all of them. a bill that would require a gay curriculum in california schools is on its way to the governor. democratic state assembly members passed that law today on a party line vote. it would add gay, bisexual, and transgender to the list of groups that must be included in social studies. various ethnic minorities and disabled people. the law allows school boards though, to decide how to implement the lesson plan. the clock certainly ticking for congress to broker a deal in the looming debt ceiling crisis. president obama reiterated today the need for legislators to reach an agreement in the
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next two weeks. with a deadline set, randall pinkston with what is still dividing each party. >> president obama is calling a meeting at the white house thursday to help solve the looming debt ceiling crisis. >> it's my hope that everybody is going to leave their ultimatums at the door. that we'll all leave our political rhetoric at the door and that we are going to do what's best for our economy and do what's best for our people. >> the president says he doesn't want a short-term solution to the problem as some in congress suggested. if the government doesn't raise its borrowing limit by august 2, the u.s. would start defaulting on its debt. threatening the economic recovery and disrupting financial markets. >> we have a unique opportunity to do something big. to tackle our deficit in a way that forces our government to live within its means, that puts our economy on a stronger footing for the future. >> democrats refuse to sign
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off on without added tax increases. republicans say that's not an option. the senate canceled to continue negotiations, but couldn't reach a deal. >> if we have a budget resolution that we can agree is the right amount of spending for the debt crisis we're in, then we will know the way forward to dealing with the debt crisis. >> in the middle of what we agree is a debt crisis, they would like to spend even more. >> senate republican leader and house speaker john boehner agreed to attend the meeting, but boehner questions its usefulness. randall pinkston, cbs news. surveillance video shot sunday night shows a partial view of the fatal shooting by a bart officer. that's according to bart's deputy police chief who says the footage contains investigative leads. he wouldn't elaborate on what it shows. bart says the man shot on the platform was apparently drunk and had a broken bottle and
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knife and was aggressive. one of two officers initially on the scene was carrying a taser, but didn't use it. >> any deadly force situation, a taser is a tool of availability. these officers are going to make split second decisions on how to respond. our investigation will reveal why he chose to use his weapon. all bart police officers will be required to carry tasers. bart police say they haven't received any witness cell phone video of this incident and asking people to come forward if they have it. other news making headlines around the bay area. a brush fire that spread to at least 400 acres south of tracy is now fully contained. the fire near 580 and route 132 is spotted at 5:30 this afternoon. the car that caught fire in the same area actually was spread to the vegetation and ignited these flames. at one point, they were burning under power lines. the fire threatened some homes
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for a while. no injuries reported in this. an art thief strikes in union square in broad daylight. a well-dressed man walked into the gallery and snatched a sketch by pablo right off the wall. his 1965 work is about the size of a standard piece of paper, but worth $200,000. the gallery says it is probably going to be difficult to sell, but hope the thief doesn't destroy it. several homes in san francisco flooded by a water main break. three houses damaged near 21st and lamp shire. the hamshire. it has been a south bay fixture for six decades. now the pet shop that saved hundreds of animals needs saving itself. the trouble it's facing and the simple fix that could keep the critters coming. >> they're going to need to teach them what to chew and
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what noted. >> she devoted her life to saving animals. now her store is on borrowed time. >> rent is due today, i don't have it. so scary kind of situation to be in. >> we first met lisa last thanksgiving when a man met more than 2,000 rats take over his home in southern california. in fact, the critters were featured on hoarders. lisa took never single one and adopted most of them out. there are 275 left. the publicity helped boost sales, but it didn't last. >> we keep expecting people are going to hear that we are here and hope and start shopping here again and it hasn't happened. >> andy's pet shop had been a fixture since the 1950s, but after she bought it three years ago, lisa was forced to move to a low key spot on notre dame avenue. the great recession, and andy's
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pet shop struggled to pay the rent. >> what i need now is a financial sponsor. >> how is that going? >> i haven't found one yet. >> the concept is simple. rescue and adopt out animals that government shelters can't handle and would have to euthanize. lisa single handedly saved thousands of animals from certain death. the ones remaining will go to foster homes. >> i'm tired. we saved lots of animals. i'm glad about that. we have done a good job here. >> it's been a good ride. >> in san jose, cbs 5. today is the surfing the internet on your phone is carrying to tighten the data specket. >> is it more dangerous to go
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to the hospital in july? >> a missing girl, her cell phone hacked, what a newspaper employee is accused of doing that gave the girl's family false hope that she was alive.
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unlimited data plan. verison wireless is about to join at&t in ending its unlimited data plan. starting next month, the company is going to move toward a usage based model. verison says the price adjustments are going to be minor and customers already under contract won't be affected. at&t was the first company to drop its unlimited plans last year. last month t-mobile did the same thing. research raises the question, should you try to avoid the hospital this month? the study done at ucsd looked at a quarter million deaths from medication errors over nearly three decades. mortality rates went up 10% in july. especially in areas with teaching hospitals. now this is about the time doctors enter their residency programs. >> in july, we have a new group of doctors that come on board, but does that mean you're at greater risk? this study found a 10%
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increased risk. we don't know if that means a small increased risk or large increase in risk. bottom line, should you be worried? i don't think so. there are so many checks and balances in place, it's fine to go to the hospital in july. >> researcherred looked at records from 1979 to 2006 and critics argue that residents did not have as much supervision in the earlier years covered by that study. it was a verdict not many expected to hear. casey anthony burst into tears after the jury found her not guilty of murdering her daughter, caylee, in 2008. if found guilty, she would have possibly faced the death penalty. after ten hours of deliberations, anthony was convicted of four misdemeanors, all about lying to investigators. >> i'm happy for her and i want her to be able to grieve and grow and somehow get her
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life back together. >> the case is still being ruled a homicide. anthony faces sentencing on thursday and could face up to four years in prison for lying to authorities. >> wow, this may be a new low for even britain's tabloids. a newspaper has been accused of hacking into a teenager's cell phone jeopardizing a police investigation into her disappearance and subsequent death. mark phillips on the tactics that have horrified the country. >> it's britain's biggest sunday newspaper selling more than 2.5 million copies by delivering skin and skinny. scoops, some of what the news of the world has gotten by hacking into the voice mail accounts by mcjager, gwyneth paltrow, tony blair, and a member of prince william's staff. but it is the intrusion into the voice mail of millie
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doweller that outraged a nation. the news of the world not only hacked into milly's voice mail to hear desperate relatives trying to reach her, it deleted messages to make room for others and so gaffe her family false hope she was still alive, dialing into her own voice mail. he was found six months left. >> the family, which had made heart rending appeals is distraught. >> the technique for hacking into voice mall accounts is frightening limb pl. all it takes is two phones. on one you dial the number in question. while it's busy, you dial the number again on the other phone which immediately goes to voice mail. it's a matter of dialing in the usually factory pin numbers, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 0000. it's surprising how many people never change their pin. the scandal has business and
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political fallout. the news of the world is owned by rupert mer dock. now runs his operations and refused to resign. she's also a close friend and supporter of prime minister, david cameron who condemned the intrusion. it will conduct its own internal acquiring, but she'll be investigate herself. scott says there are more bomb shell revelations to come. mark phillips, cbs news, london. a divorce of sorts in the fast food industry. wendys is selling off the majority of its ownership for $130 million. both chains have been suffering since combining back in 2008. wendys says it will now focus on revamping its menu and adding new locations. and the winds are blowing in the city of stan spa stan.
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those wind signals change. the pinpoint forecast when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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robe all right while you might shiver in the fog on the coast, everyone inland is thinking is this a good deal. >> we have cooler temperatures
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working their way in. you can see a little bit of the clouds working it way into san francisco. the cloud deck so thick, visibility is left than 100 feet. 102 degrees in morgan hill. numbers from the 60s and pacifica. to 99 degrees of peace in concord and livermore. a pair of it's. perhaps producing drizzle due to the deep nature of that marine layer. otherwise patchy stratus, full on sunshine inland. tropical moisture, this is the remnants of what was once tropical storm air lean. limiting vis abilities, thunderstorm activity throughout the mountains and deserts all the way into the high sierra. we have to put a slight chance of a thunderstorm in san
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banito. the tropical moisture within thes to keep. we will have partly cloudy conditions east and south bay. so your wednesday is on the muggy side. in addition, clouds continue to line the coast until mid date. overall, numbers coming down. at the 60s at the coach, p 0 san francisco. a good 25-degree span except in the far reach of east bay, 98 degrees for okayly okley and become increase i wily cool. we'll have to throw open the one dis, but tomorrow we have some inside track. partly cloudy, a little on the mog give awed front.
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>> i'm cold now. >> thanks roberta. >> and you're wearing no tie. >> bawl didn't even dress up there, it was same story. and the giants and a's in the area tonight. the a's go extra innings. they will need their eye in the bottom of the 6th? we're up next. ,,,,,,,,
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star team..could he keep it matt cain had not lost since may 29. he had a string of 15 1/3 scoreless innings. he is hot and could he keep it rolling tonight against san diego? miguel tejada playing second base for the first time in his big league career. doing it at the plate, the giants take a 3-2 lead. in the 6th, matt cain was one strike away from getting out of the inning. but puts the gap, the tieing run scores. the lead run scores. padres up 4-3. bottom of the 9th, two on and two out, foesing foreclosure, he had an amazing fly ball to right. # 3-0 when heeding of eight
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files. tomorrow walks american league colockers for june? how about that? and teams a gum. if you play innings. and a's down 2-1. coco can't get it. the speedy warriors and the game goes extra uppings. ben don hit the ball coaling the heat, and that folks will lose 5-2. that is the worst mark in the american league. wet, windy day. a cameraman aboard a motorcycle tipped over during the race. he was okay. dell evans in red, three-time champ. alberto has to sprint to the finish. they thought they won. here's the photo finish. evans barely won. the leader of the tour delaware
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france. i have in my friend, tiger because he's other my shoulder. thank you, here is the tuesday night top five. number five, women's world cup. england versus japan. look at this. how about her tough? england wins 2-0. he fractured his leg in the process. that's the good news. all right, three and astros nearly throws it away bail out by jeff. you know there are pirates, only a game and a half out of first place. carlos pena makes the play, then gets the tired. >> red sox and jay, can't make it play. dana king with the call. >> oh, he's out. he's out. >> does he beat the umpire?
11:31 pm
>> i think she did, so dana king is right. she has a temperature of 4-4. you're starting to feel the pressure. so do the red sox who win that game. they remain a game back. >> they should be near .500. >> half way through the season. boston started 0-8 or something to start the season and now they are only a game back half. >> derek jeter had a couple hits. he is four away from being the first yankee in major league history to have 3,000 hits. isn't that interesting? no other yankee had 3 hots. >> but they had $3 million. >> all right, we're coming back. ,,,,,, [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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